Bollini Philosophy

To me, the important thing when creating my works is the desire to generate an emotion:that prevails over the creative concept itself.
There is an intrinsic emotional message in my works which is perceived by sensitive and attentive people who happen to love my works at first sight, much to my satisfaction.
I have my own personal interpretation of art, which is deeply rooted in my love for classical culture and the themes of ancient civilisations: that is my source of inspiration also for modern themes.
Unlike science and technology, which evolve with ever new discoveries, art, in its supreme classical expressions of architecture, sculpture and painting, has already been fully discovered. Themes, scenes, symbols and masterpieces of ultimate beauty dating back to two thousand years A.D., the Greek, the Italian Renaissance and beyond, cannot be further improved: the are unrivalled works of art representing the climax of emotions: that is the reason why we are still amazed, fascinated and moved by them today.
My philosophy when designing and producing my original works is that of reinterpreting well known themes in a contemporary, modern, precious and exclusive style. A new perspective is added to them thanks to my personal technique of engraving and casting precious metals and enamel. I always strive to reach an artistic balance in the lines and in the composition: these are the distinctive features of my works, which are unique worldwide.
My personal mix of artistic craftsmanship and excellent technique is intended to create an original work of art capable of generating emotions in the artist, first of all, and in all those persons who are interested in an alternative message concerning art in the current modernistic landscape.