About the Artworks

1. Engravings on Crystal, Fusion of Gold, Platinum and Enamel

Creative Philosophy & Technique

Creative flashes, original subjects and inspiration from classical and modern art are elaborated into an artistic blend, whose essence is transformed into sculptural forms, where the sign is the fundamental expressive means for interpretation. The works are on a crystal or artistic glass base, with a refined freehand incision at different depths made by using acid and micro-sandblasting. This is to obtain the effect of bas relief depth and the perfect balance between precision and divergance, animates and characterises the works. The following phase is the coating and fired fusion of precious metals, Gold and Platinum, at 680 degrees C, in 6 hour cycles, in a tunnel oven. Enamels, fused glass finishings and sometimes precious stones are applied afterwards, for artistic purposes and to complete the intrinsic message conveyed by the work. To finish off, the work is protected by precious artistic frames that are enamelled or in gold leaf.

2. Bollini's interpretation of Art Photography in Gold

The Theoretical Basis

The fundamental idea of this fine art opera is to craft a unique and precious artwork that will last a lifetime and beyond – because it has been created with eternal materials like gold and glass. The gold reproduction of an art photograph gives the image concreteness and significance, capturing that magic moment with the warmest, most precious and alluring metals in the world. Those with discriminating taste for the finer things in life can truly appreciate such rare brilliance. This is a unique and exclusive Italian artwork, conceived to enhance the style and the personality of the portrait subject.

Technical Information

The technique is a sophisticated blend of art, technology and highly artistic craftsmanship. The Bollini Art Studio, carries out all the working phases exclusively by hand. Technocal training, experience and a alove of beauty are fundamental to obtaining the final results of this artwork representing the ultimate Italian style and elegance throughout the world. The Gold transformation of the art photograph is an undertaking that requires a series of very complex procedures. Initially, an in depth computer analysis of the image is performed revealing a visual rendition of light, hues, shades and gray tones, creating a 3-Dimensional vision of the photograph. Next, a set of transformations with polymers and photosensitive gelatins is completed and leads to the subsequent step with the fusion and fixing of the gold onto the artistic glass at a temperature of < > 700º C. The artwork is then scaled with a delicate operation of glass on crystal and then finished through the final grinding and polishing process. Each meticulous phase must take place in precise conditions of humidity and temperature and within a precise time frame in order to create a flawless and unblemished reproduction. The smallest variation in any of these parameters will irrevocably compromise the final result.


This Bollini work of art is made in Gold 935.6/ººº certified on Artistic Blue Glass. The artistic Florentine frame is made of carved wood and refined with the application of gold-leaf, by hand.